Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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The Pedigree Herd

Our Pedigree Charolais Herd at Rumsden was dispersed in May 2012. At its peak it sonsisted of around 35 cows plus followers. Total head of cattle at Rumsden including commercials was around 100 to 110 head, running on a forage area of 160 acres. Cattle bred at Rumsden have excelled in all spheres. We have produced a number of champions in the show ring and at fatstock shows, and many pedigree herd sires as well as a large selection of commercial bulls.

Some of the Stars from our Charolais Herd:

Champions from Rumsden over the years....

The best of our BULLS SOLD

  • Rumsden Eire (Limkiln Bosco x Rumsden Shannon) Junior Champion Perth Oct 2011 sold for 4,500gns.
  • Rumsden Docklands (Doonally New x Rumsden Thistle) Senior Champion Carlisle May 2010 sold for 7,000gns.
  • Rumsden Eros (Doonally New x Rumsden Vertu) Reserve Junior Champion Carlisle May 2010 sold for 5,000gns.
  • Rumsden Samurai: (Allanfauld Vagabond x Rumsden Oolala) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Unbeaten in the show ring as a yearling bull, including 1st at the Royal Show, Kent Show (& Res. Breed Champion, & MLC champion) and South Of England. 1st prize at Perth Bull Sales in October 2002, sold for 14,000gns (3rd top price) to Elgin, Inverlochy and Harestone Herds. Samurai has bred really will with bulls up to 9,000gns and heifer to 5,000gns.
  • Rumsden Udimore: (Doonally New x Rumsden Pearl) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold in a private deal to Valentino Charolais Herd for an undisclosed sum. Subsequently sold on to Randall Lewis for his pedigree herd in Wales. Semen available.
  • Rumsden Crusader (Farleycopse Telemarque x Rumsden Vavavoom) Sold privately for our record private sale price to John Fell of Cumbria, at less than 10 months old.
  • Rumsden Orlando: (Killadeas Jack x Warninglid Hoya) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold in Perth for 9,000gns to Ravensworth Charolais. See Embryos section.
  • Rumsden Trevorshortt: (Doonally Olmeto x Rumsden Lacerta) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold at Perth for 6,000gns to Advie Charolais Herd.
  • Rumsden Tsar (Pti Prince x Rumsden Oolala) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold privately for £5,000 to Will Short, Woodpark Herd, N. Ireland. Tsar is breeding really well and has already had sons in Perth sold for 13,000gns and 11,000gns.
  • Rumsden Bintang (Doonally New x Rumsden Lacerta) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold privately to Roger Harper, Weybread herd. Subsequently Breed Champion at Norfolk show at a year old.
  • Rumsden Ullapool: (Allanfauld Vagabond x Rumsden Ritz ET) sold at Carlisle for 4,500gns.
  • Rumsden Sligo (Doonally New x Hampton Ivory) Sold at Perth for 4,200gns.
  • Rumsden Nomad: (Allanfauld Vagabond x Every Eleanor) Sold at Perth for 4,000gns to Ross Farms. Offspring so far include "Beyonce", lightweight supreme champion at the Scottish Winter Fayre 2003.
  • Rumsden Superstar (Doonally Prince x Hampton Fameuse) Sold at Perth for 4,000gns.
  • Rumsden Normandy (Silver Patrick x Hampton Joyeuse) Sold Perth for 3,800gns.
  • Rumsden Starwars: (Silver Prometheus x Rumsden Lacerta) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold at Perth for 3,000gns to Primside Charolais Herd. Now second top bull in breed for 200 and 400 day growth.
  • Rumsden Canberra (Farleycopse Telemarque x Rumsden Sydney) sold privately to John Fell, Cumbria at 11 months old.
  • Rumsden Stranger: (Doonally Nicefor x Rumsden Lalique) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold privately to Graywood Charolais.
  • Rumsden Tahoe: (Doonally Prince x Warninglid Hoya) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold privately to Valentino Charolais.
  • Rumsden Predator: (Allanfauld Vagabond x Rumsden Nutmeg) PEDIGREE HERD SIRE. Sold privately to Hookshole Charolais Herd.

Some of our successful HEIFERS AND STEERS

  • Rumsden Solitaire: (Silver Prometheus x Rumsden Obsession). 1st and Reserve Female Champion at The Royal Show 2003. In two years showing Solitaire was only one beaten in her class, when 2nd at The Royal Show in 2002. In 2003 She was Female Supreme and Reserve Interbreed Champion at South of England and Breed Champion at Heathfield and Kent County.
  • Rumsden Bianca (Burnside Taz x Rumsden Tatania) Reserve Junior Champion and Reserve Female Champion South of England Show 2007. Breed Champion and Interbreed Champion Heathfield 2008, Reserve Breed Champion Surrey 2008.
  • Rumsden Akita (Rumsden Samurai x Rumsden Optima) Female Champion Heathfield 2006. Breed Champion Surrey County 2007 and 2008. Breed Champion Kent County 2009
  • Rumsden Aussie (Burnside Taz x Rumsden Replica) Reserve Breed Champion Surrey County 2006, Breed Champion and Reserve Supreme Interbreed Champion, South of England Show 2006.
  • Rumsden Ultra (Doonally Olmeto x Rumsden Pirouette) Breed and Interbreed Female Champion at South of England 2005, 2nd RASE 2004.
  • Rumsden Solway: (Shoyswell Macbeth x Rumsden Nessie (aka "Eat my Shortts"). Purebred charolais steer. At Smithfield in 2002, Purebred Steer Champion, reserve Supreme Steer Champion, Charolais Champion, Kings Cup champion (best exhibitor bred beast in show).
  • Rumsden Twilight: (Doonally New x Rumsden Moonlight) 5th at Royal Show and Champion Charolais at National Primestock Show 2003.
  • Rumsden Tosca: (Doonally Olmeto x Rumsden Optima) Unbeaten in the show ring in 2003 including Reserve Breed Champion at Heathfield, 1st Royal Show, Reserve Female Champion South of England, 1st Kent.
  • Rumsden Mirage: (Blelack Ingot x Aescham Genevieve) Extremely successful show beast at 3 and 4 years old including 1st at The Royal Show in 1999. Interbreed Supreme at Kent in 1999, ans Reserve Supreme in 2000. Female Interbreed Champion at Edenbridge in 1999.



 Pedigree Charolais Cattle at Rumsden

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