Beef cattle, Semen, Embryos, and Showsoap, from Saxtead, Suffolk, England.

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Bob Temple's Show Soap

Imformation Sheet

Thank you for purchasing Bob Temple’s Show Soap. For those of you who have not used the Charolais soap, this is a different kind of soap to others available on the market. It is based on animal fats, not vegetable oils, which means it should not melt under hot sunlight and cook or burn your cattle. It also means that it can be washed out with water and shampoo, so take out sprays are not required.

The soap is available in a range of colours: white, cream, yellow, Limousin, light, medium and dark Simmental, and black. It will depend upon the breed and colour of your beast as to which suits best, but all the soaps are similar in texture and effect.

For best results use a Perth comb to apply. If using a larger pot, cut a block to fit your hand using a knife, do not try to scoop out like soft soap. Wipe the soap onto the coat in a downward motion (with the hair) and then comb the hair up thoroughly (against the natural direction of growth). This soap does take a little time to apply, and the more carefully you apply and comb, the better the finished effect. It can be reworked and recombed right up to the moment you enter the ring, it will not set hard.

If a shiny finish is required, simply top dress with a silicone based spray or glitter.

If you have reasonably heavy duty clippers, you can clip your animal once it is soaped. If it is raining it will not lather, but it is best to stay undercover until the last possible moment as this soap is designed to wash out with water, so very heavy rain will be detrimental, as it would to any coat dressing products that do not contain glue. If you are lucky enough to win your class in the rain and need to redress the animal for the championship, simply use the blower to blow out the wet soap and redress. You won’t need so much time or soap the second time around.

It is also possible to leave this soap in overnight at a sale, and if your animal is clean enough in the morning, you can simply blow the straw and dust off and comb up with a little more soap. The advantage of this is to keep your animal dressed up in the evenings when potential buyers may be looking around.

Our soap is all hand made. Sometimes this results in a bubbly top surface, which should not harm the product in any way. It is best with some age, like cheese! Thus a few spots of mould may develop on the surface over time, especially if it is not stored in a cool environment. Again, these are not harmful, and can be scrapped off. Personally we find the older the soap, the better.