Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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Rumsden Lacerta


Sire: Ploughfields Ebeneezer

Dam: Hampton Galaxy (Cockerington Baron x Hampton Unity)

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Lacerta is the dam of Rumsden Bintang, herd sire at Weybread Charolais; Rumsden Trevorshortt, pedigree herd sire at Advie, and Rumsden Starwars, pedigree herd sire at Primside.


B. Dead born May 1998 by Ugie Legend

H. & H. Died two days old born June 1999 by Andrews Miracle

H. Rumsden Rochelle born July 2000 by Balthayock Nougat. Fat

B. Rumsden Starwars born Sept 2001 by Silver Prometheus CH36 – Sold Perth February 2003 for 3,000gns.

B. Rumsden TrevorShortt born Nov 2002 by Doonally Olmeto – Sold Perth February 2004 for 6,000gns to Advie Pedigree Herd.

H. Rumsden Vertu born April 2004 by Enfield Plexus– retained

H. Rumsden Avalon born 3rd April 2005 by Doonally New. 2nd RASE 2006.

B. Rumsden Bintang born 7th June 2006 by Doonally New. Sold privately to Roger Harper's Weybread Charolais Herd.

B. Rumsden Cygnus born October 2007 by Okapi. Okapi is a french sire, a full brother to Ludwig. FAT

B. Rumsden December born 26 December 2008 by Rumsden Udimore. Reserve Champion Bull calf South East Calf Show November 2009. Sold privately for £3000.

B. Rumsden Fallout born 28 April 2010 by Ashleigh Victor. Sold to Drumshane Herd. Male Champiobn Newark Show 2011.

Lacerta was put down at Rumsden on 9th April 2010, she calved fine, but her udder had reared so many calves so well, that is had nothing left to give!

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Above: lacerta May 2009 nearly 14 years old

Rumsden Trevorshortt

Rumsden Decemeber

Rumsden Fallout