Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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Limousin & Commercial

Fatstockers Christmas 2008

Ashford 2008:

1st prize and Champion pen of commercially fed bulls

Dictator sold for £985 (£1.61/kg) and Chillie sold for £995 (£1.65/kg) average age 366 days.

Maidstone 2008:

Sweet Fanny Adams

Sire: Farleycopse Telemarque (Charolais)

Dam: Acorn (Aubrac x Lim)

Born: June 2007

Reserve Champion Heifer, Reserve Supreme champion, won pairs with Catch Me

Sold for £2.25/Kg (£1377)


Sire: Doonally Olmeto (charolais)

Dam: Lendor Jessica (charolais)

Born: Jan 2007

5th in class

Sold for £1.40/Kg

Catch Me

Sire: Rumsden Atlantis (charolais)

Dam: Mini Me (Lim X)

Born: October 2007

3rd in class, and won pairs with SFA

Sold for £1.80/Kg



 Pictures 27th Oct 2007

These pictures taken at Maidstone Fatstock Show 2008