Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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Primestock Shows 2004

Although we have dabbled in showing at the Christmas Primestock shows with our pedigree charolais cattle, 2002 was the first year that we had a team. In 2004 we had our biggest team ever, and split them between a number of shows. In the end they sold for an wverage price per Kilo liveweight of £1.628, compared to a national average price for fat cattle of just under £1.00. This is how we did...

Name Breed Results Price/Kg Liveweight Weight Gross Price
Cruz Missile Angus 1st, Autumn Show, 1st & Res Ch Pure Steer, SEPSWF, 1st, Angus Ch, Reserve for Queens Cup, Duke of Norfolk Champion Team £3.00 664 £1992
Black Thunder BB x Lim 2nd Royal Show, 1st & Res Local Steer Ch. SEPSWF , 1st Smithfield. £1.65 576 £950.40
Uberto Lim 3rd SEPSWF, 1st & Steer Ch. and Res. Supreme Hailsham 2004 £1.65 565 £932.25
Flash Lim X 2nd to Steer Champion, Ashford £1.60 460 £736
Griffindor Lim X 2nd SEPSWF, 4th Hailsham £1.50 500 £750
Haggis Ch X 3rd SEPSWF, 1st Ashford £1.15 670 £770.50
Brandy Snap Lim X 3rd Royal Highland Show, 1st Ashford £1.05 720 £756.00
Santa Ch X 1st SEPSWF, 3rd Hailsham £1.40 550 £770
    Average for 8 £1.628 588 £957.14