Beef cattle, Semen, Embryos, and Showsoap, from Saxtead, Suffolk, England.

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Embryos for Sale

sorry all our embryos are now sold.



 List of Embryos - all grade A unless stated otherwise

Summary of Embryos

Hampton Canberra x Guthrie Dazzler 5Bs Canberra placed may times royal show
Hampton Eliza x Occidental 1 Eliza maternal sister to Javelin 8,500gns
Hampton Eliza x Andrews Miracle 3 Miracle maternal sire, son of claybury clarissa
Hampton Ballarat x Andrews Miracle 7 Ballarat dam of Javelin 8,500gns
Hampton Galaxy x Maerdy Nelson 4 Galaxy ggdam of Fawkes
Hampton Finesse x Maerdy Forum 4A 1B Finesse impecc daughter of Ballarat
Hampton Finesse x Maerdy Nelson 1
Rumsden Nessie x Allanfauld Vagabond 2 Nessie daughter of finesse
Hampton Ithaca x Doonally Olmeto 3 1 Ithaca daughter of canberra
Hampton Ithaca x Pti Prince 2
Rumsden Tosca x Kilcullen Ted 4 Ted son of New
Rumsden Tosca x Soprano 3
Rumsden Tosca x Indurain 2
Rumsden Tosca x Limkiln Bosco 2 Our 2 bosco sons 6,500 & jun ch perth 4,500gns
Rumsden Moonlight x Doonally new 3 Full siblings to Twilight, champ birmingham
Lendor Jessica x Doonally Olmeto 8 jessica - great show cow
Rumsden Ultra x Sportsmans Columbo 1 ultra - gdaughter jessica, dam of Echo Res Female Champion RWAS
Graywood Dora x Sportsmans Columbo 7 Dora - sister to Ultra, columbo 55,000gns