Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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Aescham Genevieve


Sire: Maerdy Director (Tattenhall Impeccable x Picton Renee)

Dam: Fairthwaite Vellum (Claybury Star x Fairthwaite Onyx)


Maerdy Director still holds the record price for a Charolais selling for 56,000gns.


H. Warninglid Lisa born Jan 1995 by Lamberhurst Charles. Shown as a yearling, 1st Heathfield. Now gone.

H. Rumsden Mirage born Jan 1996 by Blelack Ingot. Mirage was 1st RASE in 1999. She has been seven times breed champion or reserve, and four times interbreed champion or reserve. Retained. Embryos Available.

H. Rumsden Noblesse born Jan 1997 by Coat Lezard. Shown in 1998 and 1999. Now gone.

H. Rumsden Narnia born Dec. 1997 by Coley Hamish). Died at 1 month

B. Rumsden Perkins born June 1999 by Andrews Miracle. Sold at Perth Feb 2001.

H. Rumsden Polly born June 1999 by Andrews Miracle). Freemartin.

H. Rumsden Rio born June 2000 by Maerdy Nelson. Retained.

H. Rumsden Sahara born Aug. 2001 by Doonally New. Retained.

H. Rumsden Tallulah born Oct. 2002 by Rumsden Predator. Sold to Graywood Charolais

H. Rumsden Usine born Sept 2003 by Balkestown Huit. Sold to Graywood Charolais

Genevieve was in calf to Silver Prometheus when sold to Graywood Charolais

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Aescham Genevieve at 13 years old